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Healthcare is undergoing an inevitable technological transformation. There are many opportunities to improve quality and efficiency. We work with our partners to understand the complexity of underlying problems. We help them get the most out of our products and data science expertise. We take pride in solving hard problems for our partners.

Our team combines talents in data mining, predictive analytics, software engineering and user experience design.

Our Capabilities

Big Data Analytics

Gather, store, process and analyse huge quantities of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.

Population Health Analytics

Utilise population level measures and apply analytics for iterative testing and continuous improvements to understand individual healthcare needs.

Predictive Modelling

Develop learning models that become more accurate over time in predicting outcomes and costs, allowing for patient care to be personalised. Identify areas of risk for better targeted preventive interventions.

Workflow Optimisation

Automate complex tasks, consolidate work streams and implement data standards and best practices.

Data Discovery

Find unseen patterns and trends through statistical and data mining techniques. Navigate and explore large and disparate data sets.

Cross Platform Visualisations

Accessible and well-designed visualisations of critical executive-level information on any device.

Data Integration

Integrate disparate internal and external data sources. Perform federated searches and peer with partner organisations to collaborate. Make informed decisions based on the most current, harmonised data sets.

Performance Optimisation

Manage huge quantities of data without long upload or wait times.

Health Technology Assessment

Transparent, unbiased, robust and systematic analysis of health technology already used in the organisation. Leverage insights from research to formulate patient-focused health policies that are effective and provide value.

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