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What we do

Holmusk is building the largest suite of real-world evidence solutions, starting with behavioral health. We are on a mission to reinvent behavioral health and transform lives through real-world data, AI-powered analytics, and custom services.

Putting behavioral health first

It is time to rethink how we approach behavioral health. Behavioral health encompasses many mental, emotional, and social factors that contribute to overall well-being, and has profound impacts on individuals, healthcare systems, and economies.

Over 970 million people worldwide suffer from mental illness and substance use disorders, contributing to over US $1 trillion in economic burden each year, but unique barriers have hindered progress for too long.

Unique barriers in behavioral health

Behavioral health is hard to measure

The reliance on subjective assessments, a lack of standardized terminology and insufficient biomarkers or lab tests, limits data collection and makes accurate measurement for mental disorders problematic.

Behavioral health is complex

Heterogeneous genetic, biological, and environmental risk factors create major challenges for both research and therapeutic innovation.

Why real-world evidence matters

Real-world evidence (RWE) is based on analyzing real-world data (RWD), including information on health status, process, outcomes, and care delivery, as they occur in everyday settings.

Today, the bulk of clinical evidence is based on stringent randomized controlled trials and observational studies, which only include a small minority (<2%) of patients who ultimately are treated.

Evidence to accelerate progress

Unlock treatment innovation

Support new therapies for behavioral health entering the market and end the 20 years of therapeutic stagnation.

Build unprecedented consensus

Leverage RWE to guide care for different patient cohorts and optimize treatment options for the future of personalized care.