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Transforming behavioral health research, innovation & care

Holmusk's unique suite of solutions combines cutting-edge digital tools with next-generation analytics, making unprecedented innovation possible.

Real-World Evidence Platform

NeuroBlu is a data and analytics platform that enables uniquely powerful evidence generation. With the leading behavioral health database enriched with peer-reviewed proprietary NLP, NeuroBlu gives researchers, pharma, clinicians, and other industry partners the ability to create insights like never before.

Abstract representation of a non-linear research approach


Delve into a rich, unique database in an easy-to-use interface designed for fast and scalable inquiries


Investigate research questions with an integrated Code Studio (R/Python) interface, advanced analytics packages, and our built-in Holmusk-developed code library


Generate insights with longitudinal severity scores and NLP-derived signs and symptoms, external stressors, and side effects

Product Features

Data Explorer showcasing multiple number of data tables available,

View data and get high-level summaries of the dataset, including a set of visualizations describing the population characteristics

Cohort Builder interface with updated statistics based on the user's cohort selection.

Intuitive graphical interface allowing you to build your study cohort using a few clicks, and view cohort characteristics with charts updated in real-time

Category Mapper that shows antidepressant drugs selected.

Simple and streamlined tool to build groupings of values (e.g., diagnosis codes or drug type) to create custom categories for use across multiple projects in a simple and less error-prone way

R Code interface that showcases the code panel with different types of files such as 'R', CSV, Image.

Perform custom analytics in R or Python with your own code or from our built-in library of code templates for popular studies

A³S: Analytics-as-a-Service

Tap into our data science and AI/ML expertise for custom advanced analytics.

Our expertise, your needs

We work collaboratively with you to generate evidence that matters, so you can get to insights and value quickly


We support both short-term analytic projects and long-term collaborations with a dedicated data science team


We strive to meet publication quality and frequently publish peer-reviewed papers with research partners

Data science designed with purpose

Our proprietary analytics approaches are specifically designed to transform behavioral health Real-World Data into clinically meaningful and transformative insights.

Starting from knowledge, not black boxes

Unlocking new possibilities with NLP

Analytics rigor for real world impact

Specialty EHR & Digital Solutions


MindLinc is a leading behavioral Electronic Health Record (EHR) system that combines a gold-standard clinical interface with a comprehensive clinic management platform. Originally developed by Duke University School of Medicine, MindLinc offers behavioral healthcare providers a full suite of core clinic management features as well as unique features to enable measurement-based care.

Leading Measurement-Based Care EHR for psychiatry

MindLinc was built to incorporate measurement-based care principles at the point of care, with structured fields to capture critical aspects of patient experience such as disease severity.

Pushing forward with next-generation features

MindLinc enables clinicians to deliver better care. We are developing new features, including telehealth, voice-note integration, and a suite of clinical decision support tools powered by predictive analytics to improve care behavioral healthcare delivery.

Digital Solution

mConnect is a digital solution designed to provide more personalized care and improve outcomes with integrated digital and clinical data.

Activating patients

mConnect engages patients in managing their own care, enabling them to track and share symptoms, side effects, quality of life, and other measures that matter to them with their clinicians

Guiding clinical decisions

mConnect integrates patient-reported outcomes with clinical data from the EHR into a user-friendly dashboard, to enable Measurement Based Care (MBC) and facilitate personalized treatment decisions

Digital Solution

mHaven empowers individuals with the support, education and motivation to take control of their mental and emotional well-being. mHaven provides well-being assessments, risk segmentation, personalized feedback, educational content, and coaching features.

Digital Solution

FoodDX is an AI platform to transform the way people manage food choices and food-related behaviors, with AI-based real-time food photo scoring, smart food tips, and personalized nutrition coaching.

Digital Solution

GlycoLeap is a digital therapeutic program that supports and empowers people living with chronic metabolic diseases like diabetes, pre-diabetes, and obesity to make sustainable behavioral changes for a healthier life.