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Transforming behavioral health research, innovation & care

Holmusk's unique suite of solutions combines cutting-edge digital tools with next-generation analytics, making unprecedented innovation possible.

Real-World Evidence Platform

NeuroBlu is a data and analytics platform that enables uniquely powerful evidence generation. With the leading behavioral health database enriched with peer-reviewed proprietary NLP, NeuroBlu gives researchers, life sciences companies, clinicians, and other industry partners the ability to create insights like never before.

Abstract representation of a non-linear research approach


Delve into a rich, unique database in an easy-to-use interface designed for fast and scalable queries


Investigate research questions and enhance care delivery with state-of-the-art analytics tools, including our proprietary NLP and AI/ML algorithms which seamlessly integrates into our solutions


Generate insights with longitudinal severity scores and NLP-derived signs and symptoms, external stressors, and side effects

Product Features

Data Explorer showcasing multiple number of data tables available,

View data and get high-level summaries of the dataset, including a set of visualizations describing the population characteristics

Cohort Builder interface with updated statistics based on the user's cohort selection.

Intuitive graphical interface allowing you to build your study cohort using a few clicks, and view cohort characteristics with charts updated in real-time

Category Mapper that shows antidepressant drugs selected.

Simple and streamlined tool to build groupings of values (e.g., diagnosis codes or drug type) to create custom categories for use across multiple projects in a simple and less error-prone way

R Code interface that showcases the code panel with different types of files such as 'R', CSV, Image.

Perform custom analytics in R or Python with your own code or from our built-in library of code templates for popular studies


Bring Treatments to Market Faster with Real-World Evidence

Powerful insights to drive clinical and commercial success in life sciences, and improve care delivery.

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Research and Development

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Medical Affairs

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Market Access and HEOR

Behavioral Health Conditions

Behavioral Health Assessments

Pharmacological Treatments

Research and Development

Support clinical development and increase success of trial designs.

R&D Strategy

  • Identify patient subsegments with unmet needs, such as opioid use disorder patient with poor outcomes despite being on a treatment regimen.

Clinical Development

  • Significantly accelerate clinical trial recruitment by screening patient characteristics efficiently. For instance, easily identify characteristics of patients with Major Depressive Disorder who display symptoms of anhedonia.
  • Understand characteristics associated with varying levels of severity in patients with Major Depressive Disorder, in order to create patient subsegments to inform trial design for compounds targeting treatment-resistant depression.

Medical Affairs

Derive patient specific insights and population level trends in behavioral health using AI/ML algorithms on large sets of real-world behavioral health data.

  • Compare key endpoints — such as Clinical Global Impression-Severity (CGI-S), Global Assessment of Function (GAF), and side effect burden — for patients on competitor drugs to provide evidence of differentiated benefit.
  • Assess patient-centric endpoints — such as mood, function, and engagement — that can significantly impact outcomes in real-world settings, including treatment adherence, clinician prescription decisions, and overall patient health.
  • Evaluate prescription patterns of off-label drugs for Major Depressive Disorder to identify related behavioral health indications for further clinical evaluation.
  • Guide evidence-driven care to enhance care management for patients at risk and to improve behavioral health outcomes.
  • Produce publications highlighting therapeutic benefit in real-world settings to increase impact factor with key opinion leaders and other health care professionals.

Market Access and HEOR

Evaluate comparative effectiveness of pharmacological treatments in the real world and enable value-based care.

  • Establish cost-benefit by determining comparative effectiveness of treatments beyond standard clinical endpoints, such as hospitalization among patients on different drug formulations (e.g. oral versus long-acting injectable atypical antipsychotics).
  • Measure drug performance in real-world settings and identify opportunities for value-based strategies.


Bring Treatments to Market Faster with Real-World Evidence

Powerful insights to drive clinical and commercial success in life sciences, and improve care delivery.

Research and Development

Medical Affairs

Market Access and HEOR

A³S: Analytics-as-a-Service

Tap into our data science and AI/ML expertise for custom advanced analytics.

Our expertise, your needs

We work collaboratively with you to generate evidence that matters, so you can get to insights and value quickly


We support both short-term analytic projects and long-term collaborations with a dedicated data science team


We strive to meet publication quality and frequently publish peer-reviewed papers with research partners

Data science designed with purpose

Our proprietary analytics approaches are specifically designed to transform behavioral health Real-World Data into clinically meaningful and transformative insights.

Starting from knowledge, not black boxes

Unlocking new possibilities with NLP

Analytics rigor for real world impact

Decision Support Tool

Our Management and Supervision Tool (MaST) leverages predictive analytics to enable healthcare providers to make better decisions.

Streamline caseload management

MaST’s algorithm helps providers understand which patients are at the highest risk of mental health crisis—ensuring each patient gets the right care at the right time.

Enhance resource utilization

By visualizing data that is often buried deep within the EHR, MaST supports clinician workload, effective resource allocation, and cost savings.

Improve patient outcomes

Health systems that have implemented MaST have successfully lowered hospitalization rates and have successfully treated more service users in the community outpatient setting.

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Specialty EHR & Digital Solutions


HolCare EHR+ is a cloud-based, state-of-the-art electronic health record platform designed to meet the needs of mental health agencies, telepsychiatry groups, research organizations, and other disruptive care models.

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Built-in Measurement-Based Care (MBC)

MBC has been proven to improve care, increase response to treatment, help clinicians make better decisions, and contribute to better outcomes. However, when not integrated directly into an EHR, MBC is challenging to implement and can diminish productivity. HolCare EHR+ solves for this problem with fully integrated MBC, providing an easy way to collect measures that are meaningful to patient care.

Superior Interoperability for Healthcare

HL7 FHIR native support enables the use of any third-party health care technology. This standard eliminates the need for expensive, time-consuming “custom integrations” in favor of a platform that can share both clinical and non-clinical data with partners.