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Digital Health in Europe: University Hospital of Zurich and Curo-Health / Holmusk Announce a Research Collaboration on Depression

March 25, 2019

The Department of Internal Medicine at University Hospital of Zurich and Curo-Health / Holmusk, a digital health and data analytics company, today announced the start of a research collaboration to advance the clinical management of patients with multiple diseases and depression.

Ancillary depression is increasingly prevalent and increases health care costs. In hospitalized patients with multiple diseases, an ancillary depression reduces therapeutic success, worsens clinical outcomes and prolongs the length of hospital stay. Currently, the impact of ancillary depression in multimorbid hospitalized patients is not well established. Being able to identify and address depression effectively during hospitalization has the potential to improve the clinical management of patients, improve outcomes, and to reduce the length of hospital stays.

The Department of Internal Medicine of the University Hospital of Zurich will apply a range of advanced analytic methods developed by Holmusk to investigate the impact of ancillary depression in multimorbid patients. The analytic solutions are for four years on the market, mainly in Asia and the US. Holmusk approach combines artificial intelligence, system biology and pharmacological models to generate new insights. The use of this technology is expected to allow the researchers at the department of Internal Medicine at University Hospital of Zurich to better understand complex disease interactions and design personalized therapies for their complex patients with ancillary depression.

“Our data show that a cluster of patients with ancillary depression is independently associated with a longer length of stay in hospital and more frequent readmissions,” says Professor Eduoard Battegay, head of Department of Internal Medicine at University Hospital of Zurich. “Advanced clinical analytics can open ways for us to offer personalized and effective medicine to our patients that is evidence based, and may reduce health care costs and improve quality of life of patients.”

Stefan Suter, founder and CEO of Curo-Health said, “In today’s complex world and sophisticated technologies applied, the best results are produced when rallying different skill sets towards a common goal. This research collaboration between industry and academic partners is a great example of this; one we should make happen more often.”

“Appropriate healthcare is more than treating the main condition - it’s about understanding and treating individuals holistically. With this collaboration, we will better understand the effects of ancillary depression and bring informed, personalized care to patients with multiple diseases.” Said Nawal Roy, Founder and CEO of Holmusk.

For media enquiries, please contact:
Stefan Suter, CEO, Curo-Health, +41 79 402 2241
Paul Feldhausen, Business Practice Manager, Holmusk, +65 9170 2619

About University Hospital of Zurich

The University Hospital Zurich (USZ) is open to all patients every day and provides fundamental medical care and cutting-edge medicine in a central location in Zurich. We use our superior academic knowledge to treat a wide range of health issues, taking a personal touch and utilizing highly specialized and up-to-date research. We research the latest treatment methods and apply them according to strict scientific criteria. We are the sole provider of many therapies in Switzerland. Patients with complex and multiple health problems travel from all over the country and abroad to be treated here. The percentage of patients with complex diseases is particularly high at the USZ.

About Holmusk

Holmusk, a Singapore based, is building the world's largest real-world evidence platform for neuroscience. We leverage our technology to work with real world data across chronic diseases. The company’s goal is to transform healthcare by data driven medicine. Holmusk’s proprietary modeling platform leverages scientific research and digital healthcare data to inform predictive algorithms and provide actionable insights for personalized medicine. Its innovative, scalable and cost-effective digital behavior change programs are designed to nudge people towards better health. For more information, visit:

About Curo-Health

Curo-Health headquarter is in Basel-area, Switzerland and is the license holder for Holmusk products in Europe. Curo-Health is executing projects to increase efficiency in health care. We focus on delivering patient relevant outcomes based on evidence and data at lower costs. Our goal is to transform todays health system into a value-based care system. Our activities span across Europe and Asia. For more information, visit:

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