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Holmusk and University Department of Geriatric Medicine FELIX PLATTER Basel Announce Collaboration to Advance Alzheimer’s Disease Research with Real-World Evidence

June 10, 2021

BASEL, Switzerland - [June 10] - Holmusk, a leading global data science and digital health company building the world’s largest Real-World Evidence (RWE) platform for behavioral health, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with University Department of Geriatric Medicine FELIX PLATTER in Basel to embark on a new collaborative research project. The collaboration sets out to jointly advance Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) research by leveraging clinical trial data, Real-World Evidence and advanced data analytics.


Together, Holmusk and FELIX PLATTER seek to unblock the pipeline of new treatments in AD and change the course of the therapeutics market. Leveraging rich datasets from failed trials, Holmusk and FELIX PLATTER are building the world’s largest regulatory-grade AD cohort and use advanced analytics to discover unseen disease patterns, run in-silico trials, generate new hypotheses, and inform clinical study design.


Through this collaboration, Holmusk will utilize its proprietary machine learning approach to predict disease progression and differentiate the impact of different drugs. Professor Andreas Monsch and his team from the Memory Clinic at the University of Basel’s Department of Geriatric Medicine FELIX PLATTER will provide essential clinical expertise to shape the research, as a leading clinical study unit for AD clinical trials.


“In the 30+ clinical trials I participated in, I have seen heterogeneity in outcomes with some peoples’ cognitive function improving and others sadly declining and we simply cannot understand the reasons why,” said Professor Munsch, “Holmusk’s advanced AI modeling capabilities provide an unprecedented opportunity to better understand disease progression and treatment response ona patient level.”


AD is the most frequent cause of dementia, affecting over 50 million people worldwide. Despite over USD $250 billion spent on AD clinical trials in the last two decades, only four out of 156 clinical trials were successful and not a single disease-modifying drug has made it to the market today. Failed trials provide huge datasets of brain imaging, biochemical measurements, and cognitive assessment scores and this collaboration paves the way to meaningfully leveraging them.


“We are excited by the opportunity to work with theUniversity of Basel's Department of Geriatric Medicine and bring together clinical expertise and advanced machine learning capabilities,” said Stefan Suter, Holmusk’s Head of Europe, “it has the scope of delivering new insights that can lead to more personalized treatment and ultimately benefit future care.”

About Holmusk

Holmusk is on a mission to reinvent behavioral health and transform lives with Real-World Evidence and digital innovation.Headquartered in Singapore and New York, Holmusk generates evidence and builds digital solutions to advance behavioral health research, innovation, and care.  

NeuroBlu, Holmusk’s flagship product, synthesizes Real-World Data (RWD) with seamless analytic tools, enabling users to create actionable insights that drive behavioral health transformation. NeuroBlu is powered by an industry-leading and continually growing behavioral health clinical dataset, with over 20 years of data on 550,000+ patients and 20+million encounters. Holmusk uses advanced proprietary analytics to enrich the data, with Natural Language Processing and predictive disease models designed specifically for behavioral health. Holmusk augments its data and analytics offerings with powerful digital solutions that enhance patient engagement,support disease self-management, and capture patient-reported outcomes to guide clinical decisions and analytics. For more information, please visit

About University Department of Geriatric Medicine FELIX PLATTER Basel

With over 800 employees, the University Department of Geriatric Medicine FELIX PLATTER is one of the leading institutions for health in old age in Switzerland and unites the areas of acute geriatrics, geriatric psychiatry and rehabilitation under one roof. Thanks to the university connection, the latest results from teaching and research are continuously used for prevention, early diagnosis, treatment, therapy and aftercare. The Institution is regarded nationally and internationally as a driving force,particularly in the areas of cognition, mobility and nutrition. The University Department of Geriatric Medicine FELIX PLATTER stands for the combination of empathy and the highest level of medical expertise. The Memory Clinic Basel ofthe Department of Geriatric Medicine FELIX PLATTER is one of the largest Swiss Centers for the diagnosis of brain disorders, especially for the early detection of dementia.


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