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Holmusk Announces Abstract Publication in the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) 68th Annual Meeting Proceedings

October 18, 2021

NEW YORK, US – [Oct 18, 2021] – Holmusk, a leading global data science and health technology company building the world’s largest Real-World Evidence (RWE) platform for behavioral health, today announced its abstract was published as part of the Proceedings of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) 68th Annual Meeting. AACAP’s Annual Meeting is the world’s premier gathering of child and adolescent psychiatrists.

"These results generate new insights that can inform policies and guidelines around the practice of polypharmacy for individuals with ADHD. We found little difference in functioning between patients taking none or one medicine compared to those taking more, and raises important questions for future analyses to unpack these results. Our findings also highlight the value of using Real-World Data to answer critical clinical questions," said Dr. Scott Kollins, Chief Medical Officer at Holmusk, and an author on the abstract.

The full abstract can be found at

Relationship Between Polypharmacy and Clinical Functioning in Patients With ADHD: A Retrospective Analysis of Real-World Data

Matthew Valko, Miguel E. Renteria, Scott H. Kollins

Overview: Polypharmacy is common in the treatment of ADHD, but little is known about its relation to clinical functioning. We conducted a retrospective cohort analysis to assess the relationship between polypharmacy and clinical functioning for patients with ADHD. Using Holmusk’s proprietary Real-World Data source with over 20 years of EHR-derived clinical data, we compared mean and median Clinical Global Impression – Severity (CGI-S) scores for patient cohorts defined by number of simultaneous medications prescribed in a 12-month time frame. We found that patients on 0-4 medications had a median CGI-S score of 4, compared to a mean CGI-S score of 5 for patients with 5+ medications; this difference was statistically significant but may not be meaningfully different in terms of clinical functioning. Further analysis is needed to understand implications for policy and clinical guidelines around polypharmacy.

About Holmusk

Holmusk is on a mission to reinvent behavioral health and transform lives with Real-World Evidence and digital innovation. Headquartered in Singapore and New York, Holmusk generates evidence and builds digital solutions to advance behavioral health research, innovation, and care. 

NeuroBlu, Holmusk's flagship product, synthesizes Real-World Data (RWD) with seamless analytic tools, enabling users to create actionable insights that drive behavioral health transformation. NeuroBlu is powered by an industry-leading and continually growing behavioral health clinical dataset, with over 20 years of data on 560,000+ patients and 20+ million encounters. Holmusk uses advanced proprietary analytics to enrich the data, with Natural Language Processing and predictive disease models designed specifically for behavioral health. Holmusk augments its data and analytic offerings with powerful digital solutions that enhance patient engagement, support disease self-management, and capture patient-reported outcomes to help guide clinical decisions and analytics. For more information, please visit

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