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Holmusk to Acquire Rights in Behavioral Health Management System from Major National Academic Medical Center

November 1, 2015

Duke University School of Medicine (DUSoM) and Holmusk, a global digital health platform, recently announced that Holmusk will acquire rights in Duke’s Mindlinc software system. Holmusk will become the distributor of MindLinc and will provide further development and support for that software. With the shift from fee-for-service to fee-for-value, healthcare has to deliver better patient outcomes. Big population health care data companies like Holmusk can deliver solutions using advanced analytics that span many diseases.

Holmusk’s further development and distribution of the MindLinc software seeks to improve care management for mental health and other behavioral issues by leveraging data from electronic medical records, connected medical devices, claims and clinical research data. The ultimate goal is to develop a new generation of clinical and operational tools to facilitate better insights, feedback, recommendations and decision support. Holmusk expects these tools will enable physicians and patients to make timely, evidence-based and personalized decisions about health and disease management.

DUSoM has been a pioneer in behavioral health research and innovation. MindLinc offers a comprehensive behavioral health records managementsolution developed by experts at Duke. Thanks to Duke’s pioneering role in behavioral health research and treatment, MindLinc is the industry leader in behavioral functionality and decision support. Its solutions offer seamless integration of clinical psychiatric care at all levels; regulatory management, research, and evidence based quality improvement. Customers employ the MindLinc Rules engine to establish and enforce clinical evidence based practices, treatment guidelines. Customers also can use Mindlinc’s clinical outcomes data and MindLinc’s Global database to help improve care and demonstrate outcomes for Pay-for-Performance and ACO management. Clinicians and researchers use MindLinc data to secure grants, conduct research. The addition of MindLinc clients to Holmusk accelerates the growth of a comprehensive ecosystem of tools, data, and services to provide disease management decision support for health care providers. MindLinc clients will now have access to Holmusk’s digital platforms for chronic disease management, development, support, and services to help them deliver quality care and maximize operational efficiencies.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Holmusk to innovate further through novel data science and technology," says Dr. Barry Myers, DUSoM. “We believe this collaboration has the potential to help us develop decision making tools that could allow hospitals and doctors to determine the necessity, extent and timing of specific treatments with greater precision."

“Data science holds immense potential for healthcare sector. Global trends are clear that data science is integral part of the future of healthcare – across large healthcare enterprises as well as for specialized clinical specialties," says Nawal Roy, CEO and Founder of Holmusk. “With this relationship, we are confident that we can help to influence the way we manage behavioral health and chronic diseases. We are deeply honored for the opportunity to work with MindLinc’s clients and DuSoM’s clinical and research community."

About Mindlinc

MindLinc’s EMR is a comprehensive electronic behavioral health records management system developed by experts at Duke University School of Medicine. This full stack EMR-EPM system may be SaaS-hosted, hybrid-hosted, or client-server based. MindLinc seamlessly integrates clinical psychiatric care and Practice Management at all levels; regulatory management, research, and evidence based quality improvement. Our intuitive technologies and expertise provide customers the best flexible solutions to meet the needs of mental health centers, psychiatric hospitals, substance abuse clinics and other behavioral healthcare professionals. MindLinc is an ONC compliant system and suited for practices of all sizes. For more information on Mindlinc, visit

About Holmusk

Holmusk is a pioneering big data and digital health company focused on addressing the growing epidemic of chronic diseases. Holmusk develops innovative, scalable and cost-effective digital disease management programs, combining cutting-edge clinical research, technology and design to help patients improve their health. Holmusk also integrates diverse and abundant health data to create powerful predictive algorithms to offer actionable insights for personalized care and population health management. In short, Holmusk’s mission is to improve health outcomes.For more information on Holmusk, visit

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