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Holmusk Enters into Collaboration with Metrocare Services

February 1, 2022

Holmusk, a leading global data science and health technology company building the world's largest real-world evidence (RWE) platform for behavioral health, has signed an agreement with Metrocare Services based in Dallas, Texas on the use of real-world data to drive development of tools for improvements for mental health care. Metrocare Services is the largest provider of mental health and developmental disability services in North Texas, serving over 55,000 adults and children every year.

The agreement will play an important role in advancing both behavioral health research and care by enhancing Holmusk’s RWE platform through secured, de-identified AI-powered analytic models that help drive improved clinical outcomes. In addition, Metrocare will have access to Holmusk’s data analytics tools to provide insights that will improve delivery of care within its health system.

"Metrocare and Holmusk share a vision that to achieve the most effective mental health intervention of our time requires robust analytics that drive outcomes," said Dr. John W. Burruss, Metrocare’s ChiefExecutive Officer. “As the largest provider of behavioral health care in NorthTexas, predictive analytics allows us to be even more proactive in responding to our community’s needs and prioritizing patient care.”

"We are thrilled that Metrocare has chosen to work with us,” said Scott Kollins, PhD, Holmusk’s Chief Medical Officer. “This partnership with a trusted health system that touches so many lives will be transformative, as it will allow for the application of real-world evidence to drive insights for behavioral health care delivery. It will be a privilege to collaborate with Metrocare to increase our understanding of mental health conditions and—most importantly—to improve the care that is delivered to patients in Dallas and around the world.”

This news was originally published on PR Newswire.

About Metrocare Services

Metrocare is the largest provider of behavioral health services in Dallas County, serving nearly 55,000 adults and children annually.For over 50 years, Metrocare has provided a broad array of services to people with mental health challenges and developmental disabilities from mental healthcare, substance use services, services for veterans and their loved ones, accessible pharmacies, housing, and supportive social services. Alongside the clinical care, researchers and teachers from Metrocare’s Altshuler Center forEducation & Research lead the way in advancing innovative mental health research while training clinicians needed to expand the clinical workforce across the state. For more information, visit or call 214-743-1200.


About Holmusk

Holmusk is on a mission to reinvent behavioral health and transform lives withReal-World Evidence and digital innovation. Headquartered in Singapore and New York, Holmusk generates evidence and builds digital solutions to advance behavioral health research, innovation, and care. 

NeuroBlu, Holmusk's flagship product, synthesizes Real-World Data (RWD) with seamless analytic tools, enabling users to create actionable insights that drive behavioral health transformation. NeuroBlu is powered by an industry-leading and continually growing behavioral health clinical dataset, with over 20 years of data on over half a million patients and 20+ million encounters. Holmusk uses advanced proprietary analytics to enrich the data, with Natural LanguageProcessing and predictive disease models designed specifically for behavioral health. Holmusk augments its data and analytic offerings with powerful digital solutions that enhance patient engagement, support disease self-management, and capture patient-reported outcomes to help guide clinical decisions and analytics. For more information, please visit

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